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Why have onsite training?

Having an onsite training is the most efficient training method, giving you and your team access to a trainer who is an expert in a given field. Development frameworks, technologies and methodologies keep on changing at a rapid rate, and for developers to retain their market value, they have to keep up with the pace of these changes.

Only need an overview?

Sometimes a training may not be required - we are also available to deliver an overview of given techonologies in a presentation / workshop format.

Renewed enthusiasm for development

This is the core premise for Full Stack Training. There is nothing like learning something new, powerful and useful to get you or your team motivated.

Advice and guidance from an experienced trainer and developer

All Full Stack Training courses are delivered in small groups by an experienced trainer, giving you the ​direct benefit of their knowledge and experience.

Confident that you're following best practices

​As with any programming, there are good ways and bad ways of doing things. Full Stack Training courses ensure that you're using best practices from the start.

A view of the extent of the possibilities

There is so much you can do with these new technologies​ and different ways to use and enhance them. We will open the curtains.

Confidence in using the latest technologies

After one of our courses,​ you will feel confident to get started on a project using the technologies covered.

Hands-on experience actually working with the technologies

Our workshops will give you the chance to actually work with the code, and put into practice what we teach. It really helps the stuff to sink in.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tamas when I took the course "Webservices with Node" with Safari. Tamas is professional & an individual with a vast experience in the field - these attributes are scarce nowadays. I recommend him as a trainer or mentor because of his qualities.

Marcelo OlivasSenior Software Engineer, Revl Inc.

Tamas has held repeated workshops for our JSConf.Asia event attendees and was reviewed as an experienced and enthusiastic workshop host.

Thomas GorissenJSConf Asia Organiser

The training delivered by Tamas was very interesting - he had great insights into Angular as well as Firebase and could explain well how these technologies work.

These are the topics we can deliver training on

Programming languages

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • XQuery

Backend technologies

  • Node.js
  • Express / HAPI / Restify
  • REST APIs & GraphQL

Frontend technologies

  • Angular
  • Vue.js


  • MEAN Stack
  • JAM Stack

Database Technologies

  • SQL (e.g.: MySQL)
  • NoSQL (e.g.: MongoDB, MarkLogic)


  • Serverless (Functions As A Service)
  • Web Performance
  • Media Development

Technology not listed? We may still be able to help you out.

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Our core premise

At Full Stack Training we offer a variety of training courses covering the latest & greatest web technologies. With our onsite trainings you can not only gain vital knowledge about the latest stacks and frameworks out there but we can also work with you to upgrade the skills of your current developers.

With our training courses, developers can not only learn the latest technologies, but they can also become familiar with approaches to using specific frameworks and programming languages.

All of our courses contain a lot of hands-on coding, where the ultimate goal is to build a sample application - and all courses also include a corresponding GitHub repository to access the course material.

Some example technologies that we can deliver trainings on: Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, Serverless, MEAN / JAM Stack, Headless CMS, Static Site Generators, Progressive Web Apps, SQL, NoSQL, Web Performance and much more.

In some cases a training may not be required since you and your team would only like to get an overview of a technology or just learn about the latest buzzword stack. In this case we can also deliver a condensed presentation / workshop on a given topic.

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