Being a developer means that you always have to be familiar with the latest additions to the technology space.

You've decided to introduce a new part to your technology stack, maybe Node.js in the back-end, or Angular in the front-end, or perhaps even the full MEAN stack. Maybe you are looking at and evaluating options to use the JAM Stack and add some Serverless functionality to the mix.

There's a lot out there and it's difficult to find concise training material on all the latest topics. You have a few options. You can let your developers spend weeks self-learning from books and online tutorials, each coming up with different conventions and ideas of best practice or you can get your developers all trained up and delivering quality code within a couple of days. With our courses, developers get a concise knowledge that can immediately be put down into practice.

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I remember gaining a lot of useful knowledge, and by the end of the course, I had an app up and running, and I understood how it all worked.

T EdwardsSoftware Engineer, Netflix

Me and my team have attended numerous onsite trainings led by Tamas in past when we were planning to start building a NOSQL based data hub. [...] We initially did not have much understanding on the product but after attending these onsite trainings from Tamas, we were able to quick start implementation and have since build one of the most complex data platform. The training structure from Tamas as well as his technical expertise on NoSQL was excellent which enabled the team to quick start implementation and successfully build NoSQL data platform. Tamas has all required skills to explain such complex technical concepts to all attendees having technical / non-technical background.

Vinod SinghHead of Technical Design and Architecture, Credit Suisse

I engaged Tamas to conduct technical training for the MarkLogic partner network in Singapore in January 2018. At all times I found Tamas to be professional, patient, organised, and flexible, and to engage with different styles and approches - despite the gruelling schedule we had arranged for him. Tamas is easy to work with, willing to engage with different styles, personable, and highly competent in both his technical knowledge and his training style. I do not hesitate to recommend him as a technical trainer or presenter.

Our Top Online Courses

Upgrade your Javascript to ES2015

19 lessons · 5h

JavaScript, ES6, ES2015

With this free course, you can get familiar with the latest updates to the JavaScript language.

Mastering REST APIs

44 lessons · 8.5h

Node.js, SQL / NoSQL, GraphQL, Express, Authentication

Master REST APIs in a Node.js environment with this course, including SQL / NoSQL, Express, Authentication, GraphQL and more!

Practical GraphQL

42 lessons · 6h

GraphQL, React, Authentication

A hands-on, practical course to learn the key aspects of GraphQL - including queries, mutations, scalar types, image management, authentication and authorisation.

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Fast-track your developer productivity.

MEAN Stack? JAM Stack? Serverless? Server Side Rendering? Static Site Generators? ES2015?

The technology space keeps on evolving at an incredible rate and our aim is to close potential knowledge gaps within your organisations. You may have legacy projects and wish to upgrade your tech stack, or you simply want to be up-to-date with the current technologies. We are here to help!

With our training courses we can let your developers to try out the languages and frameworks that are generating the industry buzz. Don't lose your developers, keep them engaged, train them and get them involved.

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I loved to work with Tamas. He was always very well prepared and reliable. He is a very experienced speaker at events and trainer. The audience loved Tamas for 4 things - he is very entertaining, he has very deep knowledge about what he talks, he is a good speaker and he knows how to deliver content!

Regina HolzapfelRegional Marketing Manager, Docker

When my global team needed to become proficient in Node.js and Angular in order to support new APIs in our product I turned to Full Stack Training. The learning experience was engaging, hands-on and really helped us shorten the learning curve.

Greg N.Director, Training and Community, MarkLogic

Looking for a training on the very latest in JS development we were lucky to have come across Tamas. Over the course of one day, he got our team up to speed with NodeJS, ES6 development patterns, build tools and current JavaScript frameworks. Tamas' first-hand experience, excellent preparation and teaching style left us with a wealth of new knowledge that we were able to apply immediately in our day-to-day work.


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How long can I access the video courses?

No time limit - it's yours forever.

Can I download the videos from online courses?

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Do you have a team license?

Yes, please contact us to discuss how.

Do you offer onsite trainings?

Yes, please see our Enterprise offerings

Do you offer public training classes?

Every now and then we offer workshops.

Do you partner with academic institutions? (e.g. with a University?)

Most certainly, we have partnered with a number of Universities already. Contact us for more information.

Do you partner with publishers?

We are currently in partnership with Packt Publishing, Manning and O'Reilly. Contact us if you're interested in partering with us.

My team doesn't need a training, just a quick introduction to a technology. Can you help?

Absolutely. We can deliver condensed presentations or very targeted, specific workshops on a given topic. Contact us if you have such a requirement.