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Full Stack Training Ltd is an organisation that was created with the sole purpose of delivering quality training courses to developers on the latest, most advanced and sought after web technologies.

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Tamas Piros

Director / Principal Instructor

Tamas is a Full Stack Web Developer turned Technical Instructor, Curriculum Developer, Developer Evangelist and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. He has more than a decade of experience working with large, prestigious organisations such as Verizon, Panasonic, BBC, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Accenture, OECD and ABN Amro to mention a few.

Throughout his career, Tamas has delivered training classes all over the world to both technical and non-technical audiences. He regularly conducts presentations and workshops at prestigious conferences and meetups all over the world.

His unique style of teaching mixes presentations with a lot of hands-on exercises, real-life examples and use-cases.

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